Residence La Luna nel pozzo    
Self Catering
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1,5 km
3 km

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The residence La Luna nel Pozzo is situated Sciacca, Italy. Sciacca is a historic fishing port on the southern coast of Sicily. Fishing, carnivals and spas may seem like a strange mix of characteristics, but these are the things that really sum up the town of Sciacca (pronounced Shaka) on the south coast of Sicily, a little up the coast from Agrigento. Near there is Santa Margherita di Belice, the inspiration for the setting of the great Sicilian novel The Leopard, Menfi and the Planeta winery - Cantina Ulmo - near Sambuca di Sicilia - book ahead for tours and tastings. Sciacca is famous for its ceramic production, and along Corso Vittorio Emanuele there are several shops selling attractive, colourful majolica plates, tiles and more. Agrigento overlooks the Mediterranean. The beaches of Agrigento and its province are among the most beautiful in Europe, not only in the Mediterranean.  



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