Portorož-Piran: the perfect combination of beaches and culture
Seaside resort:
Porto Rose & Piran - Slovenian Coast

Portorož-Piran in brief


Visit Portorož-Piran for gorgeous beaches, the cliffs of Strunjan, historical churches and houses, Sečovlje salt pans and local olive oil.


Western Slovenia

Nearest airport:

Portorož Airport

Key resorts & areas:

Portorož, Piran, St Bernardin, Strunjan

Major sights & activities:

Portorož Beach, Piran, Fiesa, Strunjan Nature Park, Lucija, Dragonja river valley & vineyards, diving, hiking, sailing

Best time to go

June to September

Did you know?

Piran is famous for the salt gathered from the Sečovlje salt pans. The salt is light, contains sea minerals and has a unique taste perfect for the local Mediterranean and Istrian cuisine.


Beach holidays in Portorož-Piran


Portorož (also known as Porto Rose) and Piran are two destinations located on the western coast of Slovenia that are often referred to in the same breath because of their proximity to each other. Portorož is where you’ll find the main beach in the area, while Piran offers somewhere to go for those interested in culture and history.

The local cuisine has both Mediterranean and Istrian influences thanks to the region’s unique position between Italy and Croatia. Olives are grown here and pressed for their oil, while Malvasia wine is prevalent and common culinary ingredients include asparagus and kaki persimmons.

Here are the main areas to visit on a beach holiday to Portorož and Piran:



Portorož has a long history as a resort that people visit mainly to improve their health. Treatments have ranged from seawater and brine administered by monks to salt mud wraps and baths over the years. The popularity of the resort has continued to grow and it is now the bustling beach holiday destination that you see today.

The main Portorož beach is the only sand beach in Slovenia and has been awarded a Blue Flag for its cleanliness and safety. Diving, sailing, surfing and fishing are some of the water-based pursuits that can be enjoyed here and at other beaches around the region.



Piran is a fascinating city with a history going back to the 5th century and all the associated sights and attractions that you might expect. The city is usually where sun-seekers in Portorož head to for a change from the beach and a spot of culture, although it has its own pebble beach too. Attractions here include Tartini Square for its historic houses, St George’s Cathedral and the Museum of Underwater Activities.

The nearby countryside is also of great interest thanks to the Sečovlje salt pans and the picturesque olive groves, vineyards and orchards scattered across the green landscape. Highlights include the clustered settlement of Nova Vas and its Istrian architecture, as well as the village of Padna, which produces its own olive oil. Look out for the historic salt warehouses of Magazen, Grando and Monfort between Piran and Portorož.


St Bernardin

St Bernardin is a resort located north and west of Portorož’s main beach and has its own section of beach. Activities here include diving and swimming, while holidaymakers can also stroll to the ruins of a 15th century church with a gothic-style presbytery.

If you’re visiting the region in September, look out for an event called Neptune’s Baptism. This is a tradition where sailors ‘baptise’ fellow crew members who have crossed the equator for the first time by throwing them in the sea from the main pier.



Strunjan is a picturesque 4 km section of the Slovenian coast that is also a nature reserve. The area is characterised by the beautiful Moon Bay beach, salt pans, spectacular cliffs, the fish-rich Stjuža ‘lagoon’ and a plethora of flora and fauna. Another well-maintained beach, Terme Krka, also lies in the area and has a Blue Flag award.

Cultural attractions in Strunjan include St Mary Ascension Church and a villa that once belonged to the violinist Giuseppe Tartini. A pleasant walk to Portorož can be enjoyed by following the tunnel of the former narrow gauge railroad that used to link Trieste with Poreč.


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