Caorle: a truly relaxing beach holiday destination
Seaside resort:

Caorle in brief


Visit Caorle for relaxation on the beach, boat trips in the lagoon, historical buildings, local seafood specialities and picturesque villages.


North-east Italy

Nearest airport:

Venice Marco Polo

Key resorts & areas:


Major sights & activities:

Water sports, lagoon boat rides, Caorle Cathedral, Liturgical Museum

Best time to go

June to September; July and August is the peak season

Did you know?

Caorle’s cuisine includes a fish soup called broéto that was originally consumed by fishermen out at sea, an eel dish called speo e bisato and local cheeses such as summaghella and latteria.


Beach holidays in Caorle


Caorle is a scenic, relaxed resort located between Venice and Trieste in north-east Italy. The area is popular for its beach and its quiet atmosphere, making it a perfect destination for a laidback Italian beach holiday.

The town’s historic centre is flanked by beaches on both the Ponente and Levante side that are linked by a promenade and measure 15 km in total. These offer the usual beach activities and amenities and are family-friendly thanks to the children’s play areas

Caorle has a number of historical attractions that are worth seeing, including the Santo Stefano Cathedral, which dates back to the 11th century and contains several valuable and interesting historical artefacts. The Santuario della Madonna dell'Angelo is another church that this time dates back to the 18th century and overlooks the Adriatic Sea.

One place worth visiting is the fishermen’s settlement made up of homes constructed from reeds and rushes, called casoni. It’s possible to get to the area via a boat trip or the tourist train that comes here once a day. The local countryside is also of interest, especially villages such as San Giorgio di Livenza, Ca' Corniani, Ca' Cottoni and San Gaetano - a place that Ernest Hemingway and Henry Fonda used to visit.

Other activities to indulge in while in Caorle include boat trips in the local lagoons, golf, swimming and tennis.

If you want to go on an excursion further out from Caorle, you can get to Venice by bus or boat and explore its many historical and cultural attractions, as well as as enjoy its wide range of restaurants and bars.


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