Sicily: the perfect combination of beaches and nature
Seaside resort:

Sicily in brief


Visit Sicily for a wide choice of beaches, culture in Palermo, ancient ruins in Selinunte, island excursions and unspoilt nature.


Southern Italy

Nearest airport:

Catania, Palermo and Trapani

Key resorts & areas:

Mondello (Palermo), San Vito Lo Capo, Selinunte, Donnalucata

Major sights & activities:

Water sports, golf, island day trips, wine tasting, walking, historical sightseeing

Best time to go

March to October; July to mid-September is the peak season

Did you know?

Mount Etna is the tallest active volcano in Europe and 2.5 times bigger than the next largest volcano in Italy, Vesuvius.


Beach holidays in Sicily


Sicily is renowned for its wide range of beaches and spectacular natural terrain, which varies from sparkling blue seas to lush green hills via towering mountains and shady forests. This island off the south coast of Italy has its own set of islands, too, offering plenty of opportunities for day trips from beaches on the main island.

Sicily has more warm months than other parts of Italy, meaning you could feasibly visit in the spring or autumn and still enjoy what is essentially a hot beach holiday.

There are dozens of beach destinations to choose from in Sicily. Some of the most popular/interesting ones include:


Aeolian Islands  

Sicily’s own islands include the Aeolian Islands - Vulcano, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi, Lipari, Salina and Alicudi - where you’ll find beautiful waters and beaches, as well as more volcanoes. 

Lipari is the largest of the islands, with great beaches including Spiaggia Valle i Muria and Spiaggia Bianca. There are also some beautiful walks and an archaeological museum, Museo Eoliano, which is well worth a visit.

Vulcano is named for its volcanic nature and has hot springs and mud baths. Popular activities here include walking up to the crater (which still smokes!) and day trips to the picturesque villages of Gelso and Piano.

Salina has a lovely green landscape that contrasts with the volcanoes elsewhere. It is well known for its sweet wine and also for its capers, which feature heavily in Sicilian cuisine. There are some good shops and restaurants here, as well as some fantastic walks and two extinct volcano cones.

Stromboli has one of Europe’s most active volcanoes and offers some excellent walks when it’s safe to go out. Filicudi and Alicudi are the smallest islands and don’t offer many things to see and do, although Alicudi is ideal for a very quiet holiday.



Lampedusa is Italy’s most southerly island and can be found between Tunisia and Malta. It has some amazing white sand beaches and spectacular cliffs, as well as clear turquoise waters perfect for diving and snorkelling.

The city of Lampedusa is popular among visitors for its shops and cafes, along with live evening entertainment. Other attractions on the island include its caves, the  Grotta del Teschio (Skull Grotto) and the scenic Bay of the Isola dei Conigli.



This historic city boasts Greek ruins, baroque architecture and medieval structures, as well as some fantastic beaches nearby. The Syracuse coastline is around 100 km in length and stretches from Brucoli to Isola delle Correntithere. 

Just a few of the beautiful beaches you can visit here include Calamosche, Portopalo and Carratois Punta di Rio. The Plemmirio marine reserve is also worth a visit for its scenery and marine life.


Mondello (Palermo)

This is among the most popular beaches in Sicily due to the fact that it’s located just outside Palermo, the main city on the island. As such, this is the place to go for a lively beach holiday in close proximity to all the cultural attractions of a major city.

Key sights in Palermo include historical churches and chapels like the Capella Palatina and La Martorana, as well as various art galleries and museums. You can tour the city using a traditional hop-on, hop-off bus or even by Segway if you’re feeling adventurous. Nearby day trip destinations include Balestrate, Santa Flavia, the Aeolian Islands and Marsala, home of the fortified wine.


San Vito Lo Capo

Located in Trapani, this destination has around 5 km of beautiful beaches and is less busy than bigger destinations like Palermo. It’s conveniently located for day trips to historical sights like the ancient Greek temple in Segesta and the medieval town of Erice.

There’s also the opportunity for excursions to the nearby nature reserves and activities like canoeing, diving, hiking and cycling.



Located on Sicily’s south-west coast, Selinunte is now a historically important archaeological site containing ancient Greek ruins, including several temples, the Acropolis and the Sanctuary of Malophoros.

There are several unmissable beaches nearby. Foce del Belice is a 3 km stretch of sand that is relatively unspoilt thanks to its being part of the local nature reserve. Le Solette is also worth a visit, although there are quieter coves further along the coast. Notable day trip destinations like Sciacca and Santa Margherita di Belice can be found nearby.



This isn’t a particularly touristy destination, but that’s why it might be worth a visit. Donnalucata in Ragusa is perfect for a truly relaxing getaway in quiet surroundings.

Its spectacular beach is often uncrowded and there are enough restaurants and other facilities nearby to suit family groups in particular. Busier resorts can be found nearby if you crave some more company.




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