Abruzzo: golden beaches galore on Italy’s Adriatic coast
Seaside resort:

Abruzzo in brief

Visit Abruzzo for golden beaches, water sports, medieval attractions, long walks, unique events, a varied nightlife and a hot climate.


East coast of Italy

Nearest airport:

Abruzzo Airport, near Pescara

Key resorts & areas:

Pescara, Alba Adriatica, Montesilvano, Vasto, Tortoreto, Roseto degli Abruzzi, Francavilla a Mare

Major sights & activities:

Walking, cycling, sailing, fishing, canoeing, windsurfing

Best time to go

April to September; July and August are the hottest and busiest months

Did you know?

The village of Cocullo holds an annual ‘festival of snakes’ in May to honour its patron saint, St Dominic, who legend says rid Cocullo of poisonous snakes in the 11th century.


Beach holidays in Abruzzo


Abruzzo is one of the most beautiful parts of Italy when it comes to beach holidays filled with plenty of sun, sea and sand.

Located on Italy’s Adriatic coast, the region is packed with scenic villages, historical attractions and, of course, beaches. Its 129 km coastline is home to dozens of golden beaches perfect for a relaxing getaway in the sun.

Speaking of the sun, temperatures in the area can surpass the 40C mark in the height of summer (July and August). If you’d prefer slightly cooler conditions for your holiday, you can also visit the area in the spring and late summer/early autumn and still enjoy some fantastic weather.

The main destinations to consider for your beach holiday in Abruzzo include:



This city is one of the most popular destinations in Abruzzo and has 16 km of beaches nearby.

It’s ideal for anyone looking for a combination of sunbathing and buzzing nightlife for their beach holiday, as well as historical and cultural attractions like Nocciano Castle and the Museo delle Genti d'Abruzzo, which is likely to be popular with kids.


Alba Adriatica

Located in the province of Teramo, this popular resort is famed for its spacious beaches and sophisticated nightlife. It has several historical attractions, including a 16th-century sighting tower and the nearby Villa Moscarini, along with a 15 km biking and roller-skating track.

Look out for interesting events like the Feast of San Vincenzo Ferreri in April and the summer carnival in August - these are great times to visit Alba Adriatica and soak up the local culture in style., and will also be ideal for keeping the children entertained.



Situated to the north of Pescara, Montesilvano is a town that’s split into a resort (Montesilvano Marina) and a medieval section (Montesilvano Colle).

The resort has a busy beach and a lively bar and restaurant scene, while the historical part of the town is home to attractions including the Church of Madonna della Neve. It’s also easy to visit Pescara on a day trip.



This relatively quiet corner of Abruzzo is ideal if you truly want to get away from it all on your beach holiday, although it can get fairly busy during the peak summer season.

The destination consists of a historical town and a couple of beaches, along with a nature reserve and points of interest such as a swine museum (located in the nearby countryside) and the cathedral of San Giuseppe.



Originally a fishing town, Tortoreto is made up of a relatively new seaside resort called Tortoreto Lido and the hilltop old town nearby. The beach is long and stretches all the way to the mouth of the River Salinello, where safe swimming can be enjoyed.

Other highlights include attractions such as St Augustine Church and a water park ideal for families. Look out for the yearly Palio del Barone reenactment that takes place in August and offers an insight into local history and traditions.


Roseto degli Abruzzi

Scenic Roseto degli Abruzzi has 10 km of beaches set against the backdrop of beautiful rolling hills. The low-rise development of the area means the views aren’t impeded by dozens of buildings along the front.

Cultural and historical attractions can be found a little further inland, including a museum in the town hall, a medieval Tower in Montepagano and the 16th century Santissima Annunziata church.


Francavilla a Mare

Francavilla a Mare boasts 8 km of coastline and a spectacular view of Mount Maiella and Gran Sasso for a truly scenic beach getaway.

While its beautiful beaches are the main draw for tourists, the destination has lots of other things to see and do, including the Museum Michetti for art lovers and trips out to Ortona and Chieti, which have their own cultural attractions.


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