Cervia: relaxing beach holidays on Italy’s Adriatic coast
Seaside resort:
Cervia - Milano Marittima

Cervia in brief


Visit Cervia for sandy beaches, glamorous nightlife in Milano Marittima, historical Cervia, salt pans, sailing and walks through pine woods.


Eastern Italy

Nearest airport:

San Marino Federico Fellini di Rimini

Key resorts & areas:

Milano Marittima, Cervia, Pinarella, Tagliata

Major sights & activities:

Cervia salt pans, Cervia Cathedral, Cervia Natural Park, sailing, walking, volleyball, cycling, canoeing

Best time to go

June to September; July and August is the peak season

Did you know?

Cervia is known for its salt, but it also has other regional specialities such as a local bread called piadina romagnola and wine made from grapes grown in Bosco Eliceo.



Beach holidays in Cervia


Located 20 km south of Ravenna on Italy’s Adriatic coast, Cervia is a beautiful region characterised by its fine sand beaches, historical attractions and natural landscape.

The area is also ideal for active beach holidays thanks to the availability of pursuits such as hiking, sailing, cycling and canoeing, as well as for tasting the local produce, including seafood, honey and wine.

Here are the main destinations in the Cervia region:


Milano Marittima

This is the most popular resort in Cervia and is known for its glamorous nightlife and natural attractions, making it especially attractive to young holidaymakers. Milano Marittima is surrounded by pine woods and has a 4 km clean, sandy beach ideal for all. Paparazzi 242 is an exclusive private beach that’s especially popular, as is Papeete Beach with its buzzing nightlife and live music.

There are plenty of activities to engage in here, including golf, tennis, sailing and horse riding. Its also worth visiting Cervia Natural Park for long walks and the potential to spot some of local birds and plant life. The Butterfly House is one attraction to put on your list if you’re visiting with the kids.



Cervia is a town and a seaside resort in its own right with its own section of the 9 km beach that stretches along the coast in the region. As well as the usual beach activities, holidaymakers can enjoy substantial sightseeing in the town itself.

Some of the main sights here include several attractions dedicated to Cervia’s salt-related history and industry, such as the Salt Storehouse and the MUSA Salt Museum. Visitors can also see St Michael’s Tower, the cathedral and various churches and picturesque squares.



Pinarella is a smaller resort with a sandy beach backed by pine woods containing paths for scenic walks and hikes. It boasts lovely sea views and plenty of amenities for both families and other visitors, including sports facilities, bars and shops. The nightlife is lively in the evenings.



Tagliata is similar to Pinarella and shares its pine woods as a natural backdrop to its beach. Families will like the children’s play areas and the wide range of entertainment, as well as the regular markets and events.


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