Montenegro: a stunning beach destination on the Adriatic
Seaside resort:

Montenegro in brief


Visit Montenegro for historic old towns, huge beaches, natural scenery, walking, sailing, relaxation, unique islands, whitewater rafting and scuba diving.


South-east Europe, between Croatia and Albania

Nearest airport:

Podgorica and Tivat

Key resorts & areas:

Budva Riviera, Ulcinj

Major sights & activities:

Sailing, Lovćen National Park, Citadela, hiking

Best time to go

June to September; July and August is the peak season

Did you know?

Montenegro has the longest beach to be found on the east side of the Adriatic - the 12 km Velika Plaza in Ulcinj.


Beach holidays in Montenegro


Montenegro may not immediately spring to mind when considering beach holidays in the Mediterranean region, but this up-and-coming country’s coastline is among the most scenic in this part of the world, making it fantastic for sun-soaked seaside breaks with a good dose of history and culture.

The country is relatively small but manages to pack a staggering variety of terrain into its compact land mass. Scenic beaches, looming mountains by the sea and deep canyons and ancient forests all combine to create a stunning landscape. Activities to take part in here include sailing, hiking, scuba diving and whitewater rafting.

The coastline is fairly short but has a good choice of beach destinations. These are among the most popular ones:


Budva Riviera

This is the most popular place in Montenegro to visit for a beach holiday. This stretch of coastline has around 35 sand beaches, 8 of which have a Blue Flag award. Key beaches here include:

  • Becici - This 800 m beach is one of the most attractive in Budva and is 100 m wide in parts. The beach is uniquely covered in different coloured pebbles that make collecting them a popular pastime among tourists. Some of the plot of Bond movie Casino Royale is set in this part of Montenegro, although no scenes were filmed here.
  • Sveti Stefan - This island is a top draw for tourists, although the island itself is now a private resort. However, the beaches leading up to can be used by the public and it’s well worth sunbathing on the sand here in full view of the unique island of Sveti Stefan.
  • Jaz - This is a long pebble beach known for its live concerts and other events, and is lapped by some beautifully turquoise waters.



Ulcinj is among the oldest towns on the Adriatic and has several beaches to choose from, along with some decent historical and cultural attractions in the town itself.

  • Velika Plaza - This is the longest beach in the eastern Adriatic, measuring 12 km long and 60 m wide. The locals even refer to it as the Copacabana of Rocinj! It can get busy in the peak summer season, so it might be best to visit in the shoulder months of June or September.
  • Ada Bojana - Situated on the triangular island of Bojana, Ada is a lovely quiet beach perfect for getting away from it all. There’s also plenty of natural scenery to explore, as well as some particularly clean waters.




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