Albania: an undiscovered beach holiday destination
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Albania in brief


Visit Albania for heritage sites, unspoilt and uncrowded beaches, mountain views, birdwatching, city sightseeing, nature hikes, tranquility and water sports.


South-east Europe, between Montenegro and Greece

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Key resorts & areas:

Dhermi, Ksamil, Saranda, Himara, Golemi, Durres

Major sights & activities:

Butrint, Vlora, cycling, walking, birdwatching

Best time to go

June to September; August is busy but still not too crowded in most places

Did you know?

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Butrint is a popular attraction for visitors to beaches near Saranda. It has hosted a Greek colony, Roman city and bishopric, and has been inhabited since prehistoric times.


Beach holidays in Albania


Albania’s coastline is still something of a hidden gem when it comes to beach holidays in the Mediterranean. The country’s beaches sit on the Adriatic and Ionian seas and boast amazingly unspoilt natural beauty and little in the way of significant tourism-related development, making for some beautiful views.

With almost 450 km of coastline, there are many areas that offer potential for a beach holiday. However, the infrastructure in the country is still in development, meaning only a few of these locations are actually reasonably straightforward to get to. Despite this, the accessible destinations are still uncrowded compared with beaches in neighbouring Greece.

The main beach destinations in Albania can be divided into destinations along the Adriatic and Ionian coasts:


Albania’s Adriatic coast

The northern stretch of Albania’s coast looks on to the Adriatic Sea and is characterised by low-lying terrain, ancient rivers and large protected bays and harbours. The main beach destinations here include:

  • Velipoja - This is a wide, sandy 4 km beach that is popular among the locals. The central part of the beach can get a little busy during the summer, but there are quieter stretches further along the coast in both directions.
  • Shëngjini - Located 8 km from Lezha, Shëngjini is a sandy beach ideal for relaxing on. The area is suitable for surfing and birdwatching.
  • Durrësi - Situated 39 km from Tirana, Durrësi is the most popular beach in the country. The 6 km beach has a gradual drop-off to the sea, making it ideal for families with young children. Another popular beach, Golem, can be found nearby.
  • Divjaka - Also known as Divjake, this family-friendly 15 km white sand beach is backed by pines and can be as wide as 250 m in some places.


Albania’s Ionian coast

The southern half of the coast, known as the Albanian Riviera, is an attractive destination thanks to its rugged terrain characterised by spectacular hills and mountains - and a great view of Corfu. Many of Albania’s top beaches can be found here, including:

  • Dhermi - The scenic fine pebble beaches here are backed by pine trees. The main beach is the most popular, but quieter spots can found a little further away. 
  • Jale - Also known as Jala, this beach near Vlora boasts ultra-clean waters and a pleasantly quiet atmosphere ideal for anyone looking for a relaxing beach holiday.
  • Himara - Himara’s culture is heavily Greek-influenced, making for a unique holiday in this part of Albania. The beaches here are beautiful, with many in secluded spots for a tranquil beach break.
  • Borshi - This unspoilt stretch of coast near Saranda is a stunning beach destination thanks to its mountain backdrop and olive groves. 
  • Ksamil - Ksamil is located south of Saranda and features gorgeous beaches and scenic islands to explore. It’s also conveniently located for visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Butrint. 




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