Basilicata: ideal for beach holidays in unspoilt Italy
Seaside resort:

Basilicata in brief


Visit Basilicata for relaxing beaches, mountain views, ancient cave dwellings, Roman ruins, sailing, long walks, historical churches and fiery cuisine.


Southern Italy

Nearest airport:

Bari, Brindisi and Naples

Key resorts & areas:

Maratea, Metaponto, Policoro

Major sights & activities:

Sailing, scuba diving, hiking, Matera, Tavole Palatine, Basilica of St Biagio

Best time to go

May to September; July and August is the peak season

Did you know?

Basilicata’s cuisine is characterised by the use of peperoncino, a chilli pepper that is referred to locally as diavolicchio (little devil). It is used in all kinds of pasta, fish and vegetable dishes.


Beach holidays in Basilicata


Basilicata is a rugged, unspoilt region of southern Italy that occupies a space above the ‘instep’ of the country’s boot shape. It has coastlines on both the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas, and several notable beach resorts on both of these.

The area is characterised by its soaring mountains, mysterious caves, lush valleys and sophisticated seaside destinations. It’s also a haven for food lovers thanks to a wide range of local specialities, many of which are flavoured with the peperoncino chilli.

These are the main beach holiday destinations in Basilicata to consider:



Located on the 25 km long Tyrrhenian coast, Maratea is a scenic beach resort that combines natural beauty and history to make for the perfect holiday destination. Both sand and shingle beaches can be found here, as well as black lava beaches further along the coast. The waters are a beautiful blue and are very clean.

The area around Maratea is mountainous and rugged. One of the first things you’ll see if you head towards the mountains is the 21 m high Redeemer statue, which you have to drive up a hill to get to. Maratea itself has a historical centre ideal for exploring when you want a change from the beach. It has an incredible 44 churches, including the Basilica of St Biagio and the Church of the Immaculate with its frescoes. Maratea also has a decent selection of shops, bars and restaurants for a sophisticated day or night out.



Metaponto is a resort on Basilicata’s Ionian coast and features a beautiful sand beach (Metaponto Lido), shallow waters and forest scenery nearby. The town was founded by the Greeks in the 7th century BC and visitors can explore what remains of this piece of history, including the Tavole Palatine - columns from a Greek temple - and the ruins of Apollo Licio's temple and a theatre at the archaeological park and museum.

It’s also possible to take a day trip to Matera, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s a prime example of early human settlements in the Mediterranean. Other things to do in Metaponto include traditional seaside activities like swimming, as well as visiting the Acquazzurra Water Park with the kids.



Policoro is a small town located near Metaponto and set 3 km in from the coast. The beach is easily accessible from the town and features sand and sparkling clean waters that are a hotbed for marine life, making it ideal for a family beach break. Activities on offer in Policoro include hiking, mountain biking, diving, sailing and canoeing.

Local attractions include the archaeological museum and park, where you can learn about the ancient Greek colonies of Herakleia and Siris. Notable ruins here range from the Shrine of Demeter to the temple dedicated to Dionysus, which is from the 7th century BC.





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